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Hillbilly Chase

This song is unique with just its simple structure, but a lot has been worked on behind the scenes to make it kind of sound like today’s country but to also take you back to some of the old Country roots where I grew up on. It’s got a bit of that Brad Paisley feel to it because he’s kind of a one-of-a-kind guitarist that I looked up to. I remember going back to the time where I wrote this song in the studio. A friend of mine and I were just kind of jamming and I was just doing some stuff on guitar and this small riff came into my head. I started playing around with this and my friend, who you’ll see featured on this single with me, started doing some stuff on drums. It kind of took not even 10 minutes for us both to decide, hey, this needs to be a thing. It went from that, to a week later, I sat down and started recording my parts and I sent the project over to him and he started adding some drums to this and some keys work as well. He sends it back to me, and then I put some of the finishing touches on it and added just a bit more guitar work and edited my bass parts and in about 2 to 3 weeks time of recording, mixing and mastering, this song was ready to hit stores.

But, how did the song title Hillbilly Chase be a thing? Well, that’s a great question. So, upon working on this song, I have shown it to a few other people within my small group that I had with me and they all loved it. One of them said that she felt like it was one of them songs that you can kind of picture a cop chasing you around, kind of like in one of them old western scenes in the movies and she was like, “This kind of reminds me of a hillbilly being chased down the street by a cop.” It came from that to actually it being the name of the song because I started picturing it that way as well. I didn’t know it at first but the inspiration of what that scene showed me, had me choose that song title.

Hints the name, Hillbilly Chase.

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